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Create your own 'Internal Consultancy'

Transform how you operate... by understanding how you operate.

At Human iOS we collaborate with organizations to generate impactful results, by assisting them to understand their iOS. We understand how hard it is to perform at the highest level. It’s tough. It requires the pieces of your puzzle to fit together. Your ‘internal Operating System’ already has all the pieces. 

We help you put the puzzle together.

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A Transformational Approach For Transformational Results 

As a leader of an impactful organization, you have countless challenges. 

These challenges require your team to be operating at the highest level.

You want your team aligned from top to bottom. You want them to follow the principles in which you believe in. You want your team to be as passionate as you are. You also want your team to contribute without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. It’s also essential for them to feel fulfilled and satisfied.

We’ll show you how.


We point you and your team towards the invisible mental barriers and blockers which seem to prevent you from working at peak performance for peak potential.


At the core of every decision, action and behaviour there lies a system. This system is the same for everyone; it works the same - every time and for everyone... 100%


Find out how this system works and how remembering ‘how it works’, can guide you to navigate every area of personal and professional life with effortless ease.

An Internal Approach With External Gains…

  • Grow effective leaders from the inside out
  • Rebuild self-awareness and personal reflection
  • Greater personal impact and accountability
  • Allow personal insight to drive efficacy and efficiency
  • Build productivity, results & collaboration
  • Increase empathy & compassion
  • Reduce absenteeism and re-enable access to well-being & resilience
  • Build effective culture
  • Align values & vision

Why this Approach?


Better Connection?

  • Increase work life balance, resilience and well-being
  • Reduce organizational loss due to ill health and sickness
  • Gain deeper listening & communication
  • Increase ability to understand & connect with others
  • Become more agile, open, honest, authentic & transparent
  • Better able to handle change management & transitions more effortlessly

Better Decisions?

  • Reduce internal politics and increase engagement
  • Unleash effective cognition and decision making
  • Develop emotional and situational awareness & management
  • Reduce unwanted emotional “high-jacks” – Be able to handle stress, anxiety, depression, addictive behaviour easily and more effectively

Better Outcomes?

  • Be calmer and more level-headed
  • Gain clarity in day to day interactions
  • Uncover intrinsic self motivation, responsibility and productivity
  • Become better, clearer problem solvers, more effective, agile, influencers & efficient negotiators
  • Become more organized, dedicated and focused
  • Develop compassion, empathy and respect

Meet Our Team

As a result of our collective experience, we see that most organization face similar challenges:

These challenges include but are not limited to complex questions such as: 

How can we increase productivity? How can we communicate effectively? How can we hit our KPI’S? How can we reduce stress levels? How do we create a happy and fulfilled workspace?

Regardless of the industries, the same patterns occur over and over again. We have worked with dozens of companies within a variety of sectors. In most cases tapping in to the IOS produces game changing results. 

We take our collective 50 plus years of experience and use an internal approach to achieve organizational altering results. The root of each and every decision you make on a day to day basis, either through your work life or personal life, comes from a system within. We welcome what may seem like unsolvable challenges or uncontrollable scenarios, and give you and your team the ability to flourish and excel by equipping you with the ability to achieve more by doing less.

Although we have been on different career paths, our passion and obsession to help leaders and organizations fulfill their potential

excites all three of us to continue to collaborate together.

Tim Gunner

A short summary of Tim’s Experience & Qualifications:

  • Degree In counselling and psychotherapy 
  • Diploma’s in European Business and Marketing, Professional Development Management and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
  • Qualifications in NLP and Brief Solution Focused Therapy
  • Winner of Two national training accolades in 2008 & 2009
  • Experience & Qualified Psychotherapist
  • Practising human Behaviour for over 20 years
  • Providing training within teams for around 30 years.
  • Held managerial and managerial consultancy positions in the entertainment, food, fashion and clothing retail etc…
  • Delivered multi-level coaching and development programmes for a variety of companies.
  • Worked with companies operating with revenues of up to 145 billion
  • Specialises in Human Behavior, leadership, team building and development and more.

Andrea McNeil

A short summary of Andrea’s Experience & Qualifications:

  • Is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD
  • Holds qualifications in 360° feedback, Myers-Briggs and BPS Levels A & B. 
  • Certified Professional Co-Active coach and trained Organisation Relationship Systems coach.
  • 20 years experience working in corporate roles
  • Qualified certified coach since 2004
  • Successfully running her coaching and consulting business since 2006
  • Led global technology change programmes and transformed organisational structures in a range of sectors.
  • Created the organisation design of a ‘Big Data’ spin out of a global telecommunications company and developed the people change programme for an innovation hub in Brazil, within the oil and gas industry.
  • Supported the leaders of fast-growing SMEs and start-ups
  • Developed business strategies and ensuring employees remain engaged with changing performance targets.
  • Underpins all her work with a deep understanding of the human operating system.
  • Described as a ‘people engineer’, de-mystifying the world of human performance and enabling leaders to connect more readily with the capability of those around them.

Damian Mark Smyth

A short summary of Damian’s Experience & Qualifications:

  • Trained NLP and Lumina Spark practitioner
  • Degree in management
  • Mental health in the workplace advocate.
  • Three times TEDx speaker on mindset, purpose and performance
  • Best-selling author of two books on thought and business growth.
  • Regular contributor on the BBC
  • Prolific podcaster (Rethink Everything and The Entrepreneur Success Formula)
  • Has worked with successful business owners, leaders globally
  • Shared the stage with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Author of the E-Myth, Michael E Gerber.
  • An Elite business coach in Ted McGrath’s Dream Clients Immersion Program (Based out of Los Angeles.)
  • Delivers mindset coaching workshops (called The Success Paradox) to start-up ventures, funded by venture capital partners, to increase their success potential and performance.

Get in touch: 07714 853294